Design Services

We offer design services for every room using industry leading software to generate 3D renderings of your project so you know what it will look like before it’s built.

DESIGN Services


Small, medium, large. Regardless of size, the kitchen is the heart of the home. From the day’s first cup of coffee to late night snacks, from making dinner to science projects the kitchen is the most heavily used room in your home. Your kitchen is as unique as you are. Our designs make the best use of the available space and look great doing it!

Home Office

With advances in technology telecommuting has become more and more common. Employers have learned the value of working from home, however home isn’t always conducive to work. You need a space that allows you to focus your energies into what you do and also inspires you to be a top producer in your field. Your office needs to be organized according to how you operate in order to meet the demands of the job on time.

Garage Storage

Smith Design Studio In.c offers custom cabinetry to accent your dream car while it waits for you to get behind the wheel. As a car guy I get it! Mine’s a ’68 Mustang what’s yours?


Have you ever wondered how it is that no other room can come in half, three-quarter or full sizes? “Bathroom” may be a misnomer since these rooms are used for a lot more than just baths. Often it is a pit stop, pet wash station, or a reading room. Maybe it is a salon, day spa or mom’s escape room. Let us design your _________ for whatever you need it to be (we’ll just call it a bathroom).

Laundry Room

Laundry rooms aren’t thought to be very inspiring. They are get in get out quick rooms. Who wants to spend the day doing laundry? These rooms need to be designed with utility and organized for efficiency. The laundry room should inspire you to get back to life!

Custom Closet

Closets do the work of rooms twice their size. These tight spaces require special attention to get the most out of every cubic inch. My solutions work to maximize the space for you using products that take up minimal space.

Outdoor Kitchen

When the weather’s great you don’t want to spend time inside preparing a meal! We bring culinary sophistication to the great outdoors with our full line of cooking and storage needs including pizza ovens, rotisseries, refrigeration and storage. Our designs are specially suited for the Berkshire climate.

Swicker - Lee, MA. Kitchen renovation. Small on space.  Big on style.

Swicker – Lee, MA

Small on space. Big on style.

“Our kitchen is much smaller than the average kitchen- and we wanted to maximize our space. Andy produced a design that did just that. It’s functional, beautiful, and the amount of compliments we get on the kitchen are insane.”

Swicker Project

Noble - Philmont, NY. Kitchen Renovation.  Fixed space. Unlimited potential.

Noble – Philmont, NY

Fixed space. Unlimited potential.

Working within the architectural limitations of the home I was able to transform this kitchen into a brighter and more functional space. From floors to lighting this was designed to brighten your day.

Noble Project

What people are saying

“We look forward to working with you again on another project and will be happy to refer business to you any chance we get. Again, many thanks and kudos for a job well done!”

W. Stevens

“As with all projects comes a learning experience and in the case of our kitchen project we learned the benefit from the good value and service available from our local community business.”

R. Shadic

What’s your dream space?

Add my design services to your dream room so that it inspires you!

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